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GPS Tracking Device detection

GPS Tracking devices are marketed as an electronic tool that someone could use to keep track of their own vehicles and help prevent theft.  The devices give instant and live location information, which can be easily viewed on a computer or smart phone.  They also can be very small and are generally magnetic so that they will cling to the underside of a vehicle.  Unfortunately, the devices are sometimes improperly used by people who want to secretly track other people by attaching the GPS tracking device to the other persons' car.  The person who then has the GPS device on their car will usually have no idea that the device is even there.  Since the devices are so small, they are almost impossible to find just by looking for them.

We use professional scanning tools which can detect the signals that are transmitted by GPS tracking devices.  If you believe that a GPS tracking device has been placed on your car or other vehicle, call us at (407) 409-1342 to arrange for a GPS tracking device scan.

There are several types of surveillance camera systems available for homes and businesses from many different manufacturers.  Our consultation will provide you with information about the various camera types and systems, installation options, and answer questions you may have.  Also, since we do not sell the camera systems there will be absolutely no sales pressure.  To schedule a surveillance camera systems consultation call us at (407) 409-1342 or email us from the Contact page on our site.